Rudolf Steiner's Core Mission

Rudolf Steiner's Core Mission
Author : T. H. Meyer
Publisher : Temple Lodge Publishing
Total Pages : 217
Release : 2010
ISBN 10 : 9781906999100
ISBN 13 : 1906999104
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Rudolf Steiner's core mission--repeatedly delayed owing to the a lack of capacity in his colleagues--was to pursue contemporary spiritual-scientific research into the phenomena of reincarnation and karma. This stimulating book describes the winding biographical path of that mission. It focuses in particular on the mystery of Steiner's connection with the influential medieval philosopher and theologian Thomas Aquinas. Using numerous archival sources and publications, Thomas Meyer reveals many facts related to the core of Steiner's mission, showing the critical roles played by Wilhelm Anton Neumann and Karl Julius Schröer in its genesis and development. Meyer examines how Rudolf Steiner's students responded to his understanding of karma, placing this "most intrinsic mission" in the context of current divisions in the anthroposophic movement. He highlights especially the place of spiritual science in culture and history and shows how Steiner further developed the great scientific ideas of evolution propounded by Darwin by raising them to the plane of individual soul and spiritual development. As Steiner stated in 1903, "Scientific researchers explain the skull forms of higher animals as a transformation of a lower type of skull. In the same way one should explain a soul's biography through the soul biography which the former evolved from." C O N T E N T S Introduction PART I: Rudolf Steiner's Path to Karma Knowledge 1. The Aquinas Motif in Rudolf Steiner's Last Days on Earth 2. A Biography as Spiritual Midwife 3. An Event of "Extraordinary Importance" 4. Encounter with the Master 5. Battle of Words at Griensteidl Café 6. Amidst Admirers of Thomas Aquinas 7. Fercher von Steinwand and Dionysius the Areopagite 8. Wilhelm Neumann and 9 November 1888 9. "Take Careful Note..." 10. 9 November and the World of the Dead 11. The Starting Point for Steiner's Karma Research 12. Karma Knowledge and the Experience of Freedom 13. The Seven-Year Rhythm of Aquinas Insights 14. The Three Whitsun Lectures of 1920 15. "...Driven by Certain Reasons" PART II: Spirit Remembering amongst Steiner's Pupils 16. Marie Steiner's Aquinas Insight 17. Edouard Schuré and Rudolf Steiner's Master 18. The Breach of Trust and Schuré's Lapse 19. Friedrich Rittelmeyer Adds to Schuré's Testimony 20. A Visit to Monte Cassino 21. At the Sarcophagus of Albertus Magnus 22. How Ita Wegman's Karma Vision Awoke 23. Thomas Aquinas and Reginald of Piperno PART III: The Demons Must Fall Silent 24. The Karma Revelation Impulse of 1923/24 25. "The Demons Must Fall Silent" 26. K. J. Schröer and the Suicide of Crown Prince Rudolf 27. Wilhelm Neumann and Steiner's Chartres Research 28. "What Else Could One Have Done?" PART IV: Rudolf Steiner's Karma Research Today 29. The Demons Silent No Longer 30. Spiritual "Species Research" 31. Is Steiner's Karma Research Still Relevant Today?" 32. Epilogue Appendix Sources and Notes

Rudolf Steiner's Core Mission
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