Author : Dr. SHANU SALIM M.D (Hom.)
Publisher : Dr. Salim's Center for Homoeopathic Healing
Total Pages : 1000
Release : 2020-09-21
ISBN 10 : 9789354073236
ISBN 13 : 9354073239
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

We like to introduce before you a reference book for the subject of Homoeopathic Repertory (Case Taking and Repertory) named Repertory Expert, first edition, 2020. We recommend this book for both UG students as well as PG scholars with an intense expectation that this work will deliver a proper guidance in the journey to study about repertories and understand the philosophy linked with the subject. During the course of Graduation/Post-graduation, especially at the time of exams, UG students/PG scholars are compelled to depend more upon the original repertories than any other reference books. The data given in such reference books are also sometimes incomplete, where some of the important topics and repertories are not given and some of them needed corrections. If we need to learn about a repertory in detail, we should approach the original repertory. But, it is very difficult to refer each and every repertory within a short period and of course one should access the library for it or else we should keep all of them along with us to refer when necessary, which is nearly impossible. All the above reasons made us to think about this book, which is a synthesis of all the unavoidable explanations concerned with the most important repertories and related topics. This book collectively includes only the verified data concerned with the repertories, directly taken from the source books. All the essential information compiled in this single piece of work helps to save time and recruit more knowledge about the subject. The main purpose of this book is to serve a definite knowledge to someone who needs a support for learning the subject ‘Repertory’. This work is contented with more topics and their well-elaborated explanations, up-to-date, than any other contemporary books available. We have included review of more than 84 repertories including some of the rare known repertories. The well-known basic repertories as the name denotes, are given with explanations regarding its chapters along with some of the important rubrics from different chapters being introduced. Along with the repertory textbooks, we have also included the modern techniques of repertorization, the computer repertories, a detailed description of more than 13 repertory softwares, with its different interfaces and functions explained. The contents are arranged in such a way that it makes the reader more comfortable to go through. A uniform schema is followed in the second part of the book that deals with repertories, which makes the approach easy. The data presented in this work are confirmed by verifying the source books, of course according to accessibility to the original books. As a tool for the students to get prepared for their exams and to go through the fundamental information regarding different repertories, preliminary data of all the repertories that are scattered under different chapters have been aggregated and indexed under the title, ‘Repertories at a Glance’ that helps to fresh up the details at a glance. We will be glad to see our expectations come true and this work becoming a reliable source of information for the UG students/PG scholars as well as a companion for all the teaching staffs. - AUTHORS For orders (Printed Form): Price: Rs. 950/ Copy Contact us: [email protected] Note: Dear readers... The book is not available in the e-book form.

Language: en
Pages: 1000
Authors: Dr. SHANU SALIM M.D (Hom.)
Categories: Medical
Type: BOOK - Published: 2020-09-21 - Publisher: Dr. Salim's Center for Homoeopathic Healing

We like to introduce before you a reference book for the subject of Homoeopathic Repertory (Case Taking and Repertory) named Repertory Expert, first edition, 20
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