The Introduction of Coumarin

The Introduction of Coumarin
Author : Jigar L P
Publisher : Blue Rose Publishers
Total Pages : 432
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Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

"Coumarin is a well known naturally occurring organic compound. It is utilised in various fields like medicine, dyes, and fluorescence. Around the world more and more research is being conducted on this compound due to its properties. This book is introduced to give concise information for initial knowledge on coumarin. The salient features of this book are as under: Complete introduction of coumarin through important references from around the world. First time detailed presentation of isolation and natural occurrence of coumarin in a detailed chapter. Proper citation of references in each chapter which helps researcher to design their work more easily. Chapters include formats to help researchers get ideas for development of their work. Each chapter provides specific information aimed clearly at students and researchers. Special Feature: An additional chapter on Organic Synthesis Approach which helps to design routes of synthesis via retro analysis."