What is causing the youth to leave their faith?

In a 2009 research project, it was found that 66% of today’s youth are leaving the church.  That equals to 2 out of every 3 youth!  What is causing this?  According to that research conducted nationwide in the book “Already Gone,” there are various reasons why people are leaving the church (hypocrites, boring services, etc.) but one common factor is the lack of teaching apologetics.  In other words, people are being taught Bible “stories” but not taught how to defend their beliefs.  They are taught about Creation, Noah’s Flood, the Tower of Babel, but not shown the evidences for these topics, so when they go to public school they are taught something completely opposite and are also given the supporting evidence.  It is of little wonder why so many people question the Bible and adhere to secular, dogmatic teachings in public education.  The defense of the faith (1 Peter 3:15) has to be taught in the churches to put a stop to this exodus.  No longer should the Bible be referred to as a book of stories, but instead a book of actual historical events.