Taking Up Space

From the back cover:

In a last ditch effort to save his failing campaign, presidential candidate Garrett Davis promises to provide the American voters with a national healthcare program called “Universicare.” His proposal isn’t well received until a mysterious, devastating illness spreads across the country affecting millions of people. The crisis causes all the private insurance companies to go bankrupt, leaving Universicare as the only option available. Where did the disease come from? Was it part of a larger scheme?

The new program, promoted to be the savior to the healthcare crisis, soon begins having financial problems that makes the very government that saved the country now turn against them and the freedoms they enjoy. How will Universicare affect the elderly, people with disabilities, and the unborn? Is money more important than the sanctity of life? Was it designed to help people stay healthy, or was it ultimately created to get rid of the people taking up space?

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