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What was created on each day of the creation week?

God created everything in six literal days.  On Day 1, the heavens and Earth were created.  This includes light, matter, time, and energy.  On Day 2, the atmosphere was created.  Some of the waters covering the Earth were brought into the sky while the rest remained on the Earth as ocean.  On Day 3, dry land appeared out of the ocean, and vegetation began to grow.  The text implies that there was one super-continent at the time as opposed to the 7 continents we have today.  Secular scientists also affirm that in the past there was only one continent.  On Day 4, the sun, moon, and stars were created.  On Day 5, fish and flying animals were created.  This includes the dinosaurs of the sea like the plesiosaur.  On Day 6, land-dwelling animals (including dinosaurs) and man were created.  On Day 7, God rested from His work.

Creation Days 1 through 6 (Source: Answers in Genesis)

There are some apologists that believe the universe, earth, plants, animals, and people were created with maturity.  In other words, Adam and Eve were not created as babies but instead were adults.  They may have had the appearance of someone in their twenties or thirties, for example, while only being a few days old.  If they were already mature, then they would be able to fulfill God’s command to “be fruitful and multiply.”  The same goes for the animals and the plants as well.  People and animals would be eating plants, and this would be their only source of food.  Therefore, the plants would have to be mature so they could produce fruit for consumption.