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How many kinds of dinosaurs were there?

Although there were many species of dinosaurs, there were only about 50 different kinds.  For example, one kind was the Ceratopsia (better known as the triceratops) kind, and fossil records have shown many variations coming from this one kind. You see that they all have many similarities and some differences, but it is easy to see that they are all just variations of the Ceratopsia kind. 

Variations of the Ceratopsia kind (Source: Answers in Genesis)

What is the difference between micro-evolution and macro-evolution?

Evolution teaches that all life came from a common ancestor. Creation teaches that life forms change within their kind. Source: Answers in Genesis

Micro-evolution, also known as “variations within a kind”, is the observable changes that we see in living things.  Roses have variations in color and length.  The dog kind has a multitude of variations (German shepherd, Shih-Tzu, Poodle), and even variations of the variations (Black Labrador, Yellow Labrador, Chocolate Labrador, etc.). These changes occur to a degree with each new generation, depending on the parental DNA, but what doesn’t occur and what has not been observed is macro-evolution.  This is defined as large-scale, gradual change in living things, such as a fish evolving legs and then becoming an amphibian, or an amphibian developing the characteristics of a reptile.  Some evolutionists claim that the micro-level changes are so small and gradual that we will never find the actual transitional form.  This however, goes against the opposite evidence of evolution known as punctuated equilibrium, which states that life forms suddenly “exploded” as advanced species.  For more information on gradualism versus punctuated equilibrium, see the following link: http://www.gotquestions.org/punctuated-equilibrium.html