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Was soft tissue found in a Dinosaur Fossil?

Source: Real Science Radio

In 2005, the Science journal published an article and photos of flexible blood vessels, red blood cells, and soft & stretchy ligaments from a supposedly 68-million year old T. Rex bone.  This discovery was made by paleontologist Dr. Mary Schweitzer.  

Why is this even an issue?  If a fossil is millions of years old, it should not have any blood cells or soft and flexible tissue.  However, after repeated tests with different samples, the same startling results were found, and this was disturbing to those who hold to the belief that fossils are millions of years old.  Skeptics claimed it was not dinosaur tissue but actually bacterial biofilm contamination.  However this was later found to be false.

Not only has that T. Rex fossil been found to have soft tissue, but many others have been found as well.  An alleged 80-million year old Hadrosaur and an alleged 70- million year old Mosasaur have also been found to have soft tissue.  These wonderful finds are consistent with the Young Earth Creation viewpoint, which states the earth was created about 6,000 years old, and about 4400 years ago there was a worldwide flood that destroyed all life except for 8 people and two of each animal kind on the ark.  The fossils found today are most likely no more than 4400 years old, so along this time frame of earth history, there is no room for millions of years, therefore the T. Rex and all other fossils found with soft tissue should not be a surprise to creationists, but it throws a curve ball to those who hold to old.

Bob Enyart of Real Science Radio has a great web page dedicated to this soft-tissue phenomenon as well as many other creation science topics.  You can read more about it and see some great pictures at his webapge here: http://kgov.com/dinosaur-soft-tissue   You will also find reference articles at the bottom of that page.