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Why did God cause the people to scatter?


After the flood, God commanded the people to spread throughout the world.  However, they rebelled and chose to stay together in one community.  They built a city and a tower to the heavens, thus trying to make a name for themselves.  This was an act of rebellion against God, so God confused their languages, making it impossible for them to communicate with each other.  The people then left the area and spread across the globe, creating new civilizations, cultures, and languages.

Why did God flood the Earth?

Rampant, worldwide sin.
Source: Answers in Genesis

After Adam’s sin of rebellion, his children and all of the coming generations would be affected by sin, and the end result would be death.  Sin and corruption “flooded” the Earth up to the point that everyone was wicked.  Everyone did whatever they thought was right in their own eyes (relative morality).  God, grieving over the utter depravity of society, chose to destroy the evil in the world with a global flood (Gen. 6:5-8; Gen. 6:13) and start anew with Noah, his family, and two of each kind of animal that was on the ark.  Noah was a righteous man and that is why God chose him, but still, Noah had sin in his life because he was a descendant of Adam.  Some may not think that it was fair for God to destroy all life.  Remember that although God is love but he is also just, and he judges sin.  If God let evil run rampant forever, what kind of protector would he be?