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What are some examples of ancient technology?

Evolution has taught that ancient man lacked sophistication, used primitive tools, and lived in caves.  Archaeology has found many evidences that show the contrary.

When people left Babel, the carried with them the knowledge of ziggurat construction.  We do not know what type of technology our ancient ancestors had, but we can conclude that it was very advanced.  Worldwide, there are ancient megaliths that still exist today, and although there are theories on how these structures were built, it still does not account for the awesome design, detail, and planning that went into the monuments, all without the use of computers and powerful cranes.

Stonehenge, located in England, is a series of stones arranged in a circle.  Some of the stones weigh 100 tons.  They were quarried from 75 miles away and then placed into this formation that is lined up with different astronomical events.  How could our ancestors, who don’t have the technology and construction equipment we have today, cut the stones, carry the stones from where they were dug, lift them, and then perfectly line the stones up?  This shows that they are more advanced than previously thought.


The Pyramids of Egypt are an awesome spectacle.  The average blocks weight 2.5 tons, but some of the blocks inside the pyramids weigh between 70-100 tons.  Some of the stones were quarried from 100 miles away.  We can ask the same questions as we did with Stonehenge….How? 

Pyramids of Egypt

In 1900, this device later named the Antikythera Mechanism was found in a sunken ship off the coast of the Aegean Sea.  Inside were 30 bronze gears and it was later determined that this device was used to calculate lunar and solar cycles.  Some even call it an ancient computer.  The complex precision of such contraptions from the ancient past show that our ancestors were smarter and more advanced than previously thought.  More information can be found http://www.antikythera-mechanism.gr

The actual device on the left, and a drawing of the internal gears on the right

For more information about this interesting subject and other megaliths around the world, RTG recommends the book: The Puzzle of Ancient Man.  There is also a website dedicated to OOPARTS (out of place artifacts) and other  ancient structures: http://s8int.com

What did the Tower look like?

Throughout the ancient world we see pyramid-like structures called Ziggurats.  These stone buildings have stood the test of time and demonstrate that our ancestors had advanced technology.  It is believed that the Tower of Babel had the similar structure as that of a Ziggurat, and the Bible tells us that there was also a city built there (Gen. 11:5).

Ziggurats (Source: Answers in Genesis)
Ziggurat (Source: Answers in Genesis)