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Atheist Evangelicals

Let me start by saying that I don’t believe in elves, fairies, unicorns or Santa Claus (St. Nickolas was a real historical figure, but the fairy tale person that comes once a year on a sled is not real).  That is all—I don’t believe it, so I have no reason to continue discussing them.  I do not focus on what I don’t believe in. I instead spend my time focusing and further understanding what I do believe in.  Don’t we all do that? 

Before I go any further on this topic, let me define some terms.  As said in an earlier post, atheism is defined by the absence of a belief in God.  Some atheists will say that there is no God, as though they have searched all of creation to verify He isn’t there (what evidence are they looking for?  What in the natural would affirm the supernatural?)  Others say they “lack a belief” in God.  By that definition, my cats lack belief in God.  Lacking a belief at least keeps the door open so that an atheist could eventually believe in God, but if someone continually rejects God, He will give them over to their unbelief and they will be blinded (Romans 1).  It is God who grants us the ability to believe in Him (Phil 1:29).  How He chooses to grant belief to some and not others is not fully understood. Christians are not an elite group of select individuals.  It’s not a club.  It is actually quite humbling that God in all His glory and holiness would reach down to save one of His creations, despite how sinful we are. 

Now back to the topic: Why is it that atheists pursue those that believe in God?  Atheists don’t believe in God, so why do they care about the topic?  In their minds, he doesn’t exist, so why think anymore about it? Move along.  Nothing to see here.  Atheists don’t investigate the non-existence of unicorns and elves, etc. as mentioned above do they? 

But with God, it is common knowledge that He does exist (Rom 1:19).  The law of God is written on everyone’s hearts (Rom. 2:15).  We all have an inherent knowledge of right and wrong. Technically, there is no such thing as an atheist—all people believe in God (granted there are many false religions that worship different gods that are nothing like the Christian God, but that is for another article).   However, people suppress the knowledge of God and He gives them over to their rejection (Rom 1:26, 28).  In other words, the atheist tells God that he doesn’t believe in Him, so God blinds them to His existence.  Now they cannot even see the evidence for him, and they are not indwelt with the Holy Spirit and cannot even understand the things of God. 

Atheists have become evangelical in their belief, er…non-belief.  They have their mind made up that God doesn’t exist (or do they?) and peruse various media regarding the existence of God.  A multitude of books, websites, YouTube videos, etc. have been created to prove the non-existence of God.  I’ve made a website, videos, and published a book, and these were not easy tasks.  It’s very time consuming and exhausting.  But my website and book are about what I believe in, not what I don’t believe in.

Are atheists questioning their non-faith?  Do they doubt their non-belief?  Are they worried that some two billion confessing Christians might be right?  Why would an atheist care so much as to do research on their non-god belief and let other people know about it?  Why would they want to look up texts from a book that they don’t believe in [i.e., the Bible] and use it to fortify their non-belief?  Why would they care at all what other people think or believe it?  How would it affect the atheist at all if someone else believes in God? 

If the atheist believes in the evolution theory, then he/she has no reason based on their worldview to care about someone else.  Every thought in their brain is the product of chemical reactions.  One person’s chemical reaction is different from another person’s chemical reaction, therefore we have subjective truth and subjective morality.  What is true and right for one is not true and right for the other, and that is okay.  If someone’s chemicals make them believe in a Sky Daddy, as the atheists call God, then why is it wrong?  Is there something wrong with that person’s chemicals? Should we ostracize people for being different?  They can’t help it—they were born that way.  Whatever happened to tolerance?  Or does tolerance only apply when we agree with each other, in which case tolerance would be the wrong word to use.  With evolution theory, everyone is just an advanced animal.  The goal is to survive and spread your genes.  Steal, kill, and destroy if necessary.  Do what thou wilt, as Aleister Crowley said.  Aleister kept that philosophy, but now he has nothing good to show for it.

As a Christian, I do believe in God and the Bible, and I know that those who don’t believe in God, repent of their sins, and accept forgiveness, will face an eternal torment in hell.  Hell is a reality that I wouldn’t want even the worst person in the world to face.  I have a reason to defend the Bible and I have a reason to witness to others.  Atheists have no reason to defend their non-belief.