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Where was the Tower of Babel located?


Source: Answers in Genesis


The Bible tells us that the post-flood people migrated to the “land of Shinar” (Gen 11:2).  It is believed that the Tower of Babel was built somewhere in the country of Iraq in a city formerly called Babylon (derived from the word “babel”).  It should be noted that the dispersion from Babel happened in 2242 B.C., and the Babylon civilization was born eight years later in 2234 B.C.

Will Noah’s Ark ever be found?


Noah’s Ark landed on the mountains of Ararat (Gen. 8:4).  According to the book, The ark on Ararat, by Tim Lahaye and John Morris, many people in centuries past have climbed Mt. Ararat and saw the ark.  In 1840, there was an earthquake on the mountain, and it is believed that the ark is now covered up by ice and snow.  There have been many expeditions to the mountain, but now with political problems in the area, it is difficult to get permission to climb and explore.  If the ark were found, it would confirm the Biblical account of the flood, but would it be of any benefit to the skeptics?   Would the proof compel them to reconsider the Bible?

Where and when was the Bible written and which languages was it written in?

The Bible was written in 3 continents (Africa, Asia, and Europe) over the span of about 1500 years, and the languages used were Hebrew (Old Testament), Aramaic, and Greek (New Testament).  Of even greater interest is the fact that although many of the authors did not know each other, live at the same time as the others,  or even live on the same continent at the same time, the Bible contains one basic story and theme throughout.  No other book can make that claim.