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Why did God cause the people to scatter?


After the flood, God commanded the people to spread throughout the world.  However, they rebelled and chose to stay together in one community.  They built a city and a tower to the heavens, thus trying to make a name for themselves.  This was an act of rebellion against God, so God confused their languages, making it impossible for them to communicate with each other.  The people then left the area and spread across the globe, creating new civilizations, cultures, and languages.

Where and when was the Bible written and which languages was it written in?

The Bible was written in 3 continents (Africa, Asia, and Europe) over the span of about 1500 years, and the languages used were Hebrew (Old Testament), Aramaic, and Greek (New Testament).  Of even greater interest is the fact that although many of the authors did not know each other, live at the same time as the others,  or even live on the same continent at the same time, the Bible contains one basic story and theme throughout.  No other book can make that claim.