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What was the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil?

The Garden of Eden was a beautiful paradise that could provide everything that Adam, Eve and the animals needed for daily survival.  God allowed them to eat from the fruit of all of the trees except for one, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (Gen 2:17).  When the Fall of Man happened, both Adam and Eve ate some fruit from this tree.  We don’t know what the fruit looked like and it is not very important, but what is important are the results of Adam’s rebellion.  They disobeyed God through an act of rebellion thus resulting in death and suffering to enter the world, which affected both Adam and Eve and all of their descendants.   

What did God mean by “very good?”

At the end of each day of creation, God said that it was “good.”  At the end of the creation week, God said that it was “very good.”  If his creation was very good, then there was no suffering, no disease, no sin, and no death.  It was paradise on earth and possibly a representation of our heavenly home

It was Very Good (Source: Answers in Genesis)

After Adam and Eve rebelled against God’s commandment and ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, sin entered into the world.  Death is a result of sin, and suffering, sickness, and disease are a form of death.  We suffer now because of Adam’s rebellion.   God’s world is not very good anymore, but our heavenly home will be.

How could it be Very Good if death, disease, and suffering were already occuring? (Source: Answers in Genesis)

Christianity versus Religion

In business, the competitors study each other in order to find out how they can improve and win the customer. In football, players use a big book of defensive and offensive plays in hopes of winning the game, and each team would love to know what the other team’s plays are in order to effectively defeat them. Part of my work in this ministry is studying the other religions and the skeptics. I’ve got to know what the enemy or “competitor” is up to.   I have visited pages like www.ex-christian.net and have read other atheist blogs. I’ve listened to the podcasts about atheism and evolution. I want to know what makes people question and leave the faith. What I have found is quite alarming.

The word “religion” probably gives you the image of a bunch of people sitting in an old church adorned with stained glass where everyone is wearing their finest clothes while they hold hymnals and stand up or sit down in unison. “Religious” people are thought of as “goody-good-goods” who do nothing wrong, are always happy, and follow a list of rules. (I’m thinking of Ned Flanders…) Generally speaking, that is what religion is—a list of rules to live by that are given to us by an authority figure who may not even live by them. The Muslims have their 5 Pillars of Faith, the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses have several “good works” to do in order to be saved, the Catholics have Mass and good works as well. The list goes on.

One recent blog I read was about a man’s deconversion. He grew up in a Pentecostal church (no offense met at all towards that denomination). In that church, and among his different family members, this man had to live by a lot of rules. Understand that I believe in a set standard of morality, but these rules this man talks about were just unbiblical. For example, he wasn’t allowed to play cards or go to the movies. In his particular church, there was abuse of the spiritual gifts as well (that’s another topic in itself). I’ve experienced “gifts abuse” myself and is it little wonder why anyone would want to avoid religion if it’s full of stuff like that? If I went to a church and everyone was babbling away out loud, swinging from the chandelier, and trying to heal me by slapping me in the head, well I wouldn’t be going back. That stuff is strictly unbiblical.  Where is the gospel in the chaos?

Christianity is considered to be a religion, but it’s quite different from religion. Sure, there are rules, and hypocrites who break the rules, and there are people who have “holier than thou” attitudes. But this is not what Christianity is supposed to be. Christians follow Jesus and His teachings. Jesus taught love. Jesus spent time with the sinners. He cared for the sick and needy. Jesus did show judgment towards the “holy rollers” like the Pharisees. He called them “white washed sepulchers,” which basically is saying they were clean on the outside but full of dead men’s bones. There are many examples of Jesus calling these people out. But overall, Jesus was a loving and caring person, and this is what Christians are supposed to exemplify.

Jesus came to fulfill the law of the Old Testament. During OT times, the Jews had to make a sacrifice in order to atone for their sins. All Jews were sinful because no one was ever able (or will ever be able) to follow each commandment of the law. When Jesus came, there was no longer a need for the law. Nine of the Ten Commandments were reiterated in the New Testament. We do need to follow the law, but in doing so we are not saved from God’s judgment. We follow the Ten Commandments because they are rules set by God for both peaceful living and reverence to Him. They promote overall good behavior to our fellow man.

A quick review of the Big Ten will show that we are allowed to play cards and we are allowed to go to the movies. The commandments say nothing about when to sit and stand, what to wear, or what songs to sing. Because of grace (see my much earlier post about grace and mercy), we are free in Christ. Granted, there are several things that we know not to do. We are to avoid adultery, we are to avoid gambling because it leads to greed and lust for money, we are to avoid pornography for multiple reasons, we are to avoid movies that promote the occult, lust, adultery, and other immoralities. Do we do this because we are goody good good? No, we do this because we want to be like Christ. He saved us from eternal punishment so we should in turn exemplify Him.  This is not a religion.  It’s a way of life, and standard by which we live.

Do Christians fail at this? Yes, a lot. But when we fail, there are two options: continue with the sin or acknowledge that we have sinned and ask for forgiveness. A Christian who continues in sin needs to be helped and/or rebuked. I’ll admit that there are a lot of bad Christians out there, and some of them I wonder if they are even in the faith or just going through the motions. Some of the big names I see on television are teaching heresy, and people are buying into.  That too is another topic for another time.

Christianity should be about loving others and showing compassion to the less fortunate because this is what Jesus did. It’s not about our clothes, the hymnals, or avoiding card games. We are saved not because of what we do but rather what has already been done for us, when Jesus paid the ultimate price on the cross. He fulfilled the penalty for us breaking the commandments, because none of us could do it ourselves.  Christianity is definitely not about judging others or being holier than thou.  Jesus rebuked people like that during his time on earth.  Christians should be humble as well.

I want to leave with this thought: Do not base your opinion of or belief in of God on His followers—they all (including myself) fall short of being like God. Instead base your opinion on his loving nature and awesome plans for those who accept Him.  Let’s focus on the freedom that is in Christ.  We are free to worship with loud music or Gregorian chant.  We are allowed to wear jeans or an evening gown.  We are allowed to play cards or build a house out of them.  Let’s stop the bickering over these non-essentials and unbiblical rules and go spread the gospel of Freedom!