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What is a living fossil?

A living fossil is an animal or plant that is alive today but was thought to have died out long ago because it appears in the fossil record.  One of the most famous living fossils is the Coelacanth fish.  The fossil record shows that this fish supposedly died out 66 million years ago, but in 1938 it was found swimming off the South African coast.  Another example of a living fossil is the Wollemi Pine Tree, which was also thought to be extinct according to the fossil record but in fact was found to still be growing.  These living fossils are significant because they show one of the many flaws in the evolutionary paradigm.


An older and more recent picture of the Coelacanth fish.


What is a transitional fossil?

A transitional fossil is a fossil that is supposed to be an intermediate between one species and its alleged evolved descendant.  Some of the popular alleged forms are the Neanderthal man and Australopithecus. These are supposed links between man and the divergence from primates. However these have been shown to not be transitional forms. Although many alleged transitional fossils in other kinds of animals have been found, they have also later been debunked and swept under the rug.  In fact, typing in the name of a supposed transitional fossil in the search box at www.answersingenesis.org will bring up articles refuting each find, like the photo below. To date, no clear and convincing proof of transitional fossils have been found, and this is what we would expect if God created everything as it is recorded in Genesis.