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Were dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark?

The dinosaurs on board the ark were juveniles (Source: Answers in Genesis)

God commanded Noah to take two of each kind of animal on the ark.  All land-animals were made on the sixth day of the Creation week, so logically dinosaurs were also made on that day (the flying and marine dinosaurs were made on the fifth day) and they were included on the ark.  But were they too big to fit?  Noah’s Ark was incredibly large, but the animals he had on board were most likely juveniles. The reason God wanted animals on the ark was because after the flood, God wanted them to  reproduce and spread across the earth.  Dinosaurs are reptiles, and as it is with other reptiles, they get bigger as they age.  The giant dinosaurs we see in museums are actually old dinosaurs.  For God’s purpose of refilling the Earth after the flood, he would have needed small, fertile, juvenile dinosaurs on the ark, not the older (and bigger) ones that were past their reproductive age.

Did dinosaurs used to be vegetarian?

In Gen 1:30 we see that God has given to all living things (plants excluded) permission to eat from every green herb (plant life).  This excludes the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (Gen. 2:17)   Remember, there was no death or blood shed at this time, so no people or animals were eating anything that was alive (that is, anything with blood in it).  Plants and fruits were used as the only source of food.  After the fall of man, sin entered the world and animals began to eat other animals.  Blood was shed and death occurred.  We find fossils of fish in the process of eating other fish, so this shows that before the great flood, animals were eating each other.  Most likely, people were eating animals as well, but God did not give permission for animal consumption until after the flood (Gen 9:3). 

Some may ask why dinosaurs have sharp teeth if they did not use them to eat meat.  That is a reasonable question, but the presence of sharp teeth do not require that an animal eats meat. Sharp teeth are needed for tearing certain plants and opening certain fruits.  Pandas have sharp teeth but they only eat bamboo and vegetation.  Bears have sharp teeth but some bears are strictly vegetarian.  Some species of bats eat fruit, nectar, insects, small animals, and blood, but you could not determine this by the shape of their teeth.

How many kinds of dinosaurs were there?

Although there were many species of dinosaurs, there were only about 50 different kinds.  For example, one kind was the Ceratopsia (better known as the triceratops) kind, and fossil records have shown many variations coming from this one kind. You see that they all have many similarities and some differences, but it is easy to see that they are all just variations of the Ceratopsia kind. 

Variations of the Ceratopsia kind (Source: Answers in Genesis)

Is there evidence for a global flood?

Sedimentary rock layers found worldwide

Water is very powerful and destructive force during a flood. Ask anyone who has survived a flood and experienced the loss of their home or damage to their property, and they will agree. This video shows the powerful effects of water in just a short amount of time.

If Noah’s Flood was worldwide, then all over the earth we would expect to find billions of dead things buried in rock layers that had been laid down by water.  And, that is what we find.

When we read in Genesis about water coming out of the “fountains of the deep” (Gen 7:11), this has generally been understood as underwater volcanoes erupting and spewing out countless gallons of water all over the Earth. Also in that same verse, we find where rain fell from the sky when the “windows of heaven opened up.”  Water fell to the earth and possibly came from underground reservoirs for a total of 40 days and nights, and it stayed on the Earth for a total of 150 days before it started to recede.  During those 150 days, there was a lot of tectonic activity on the earth (there are technical theories to help explain this type of activity).  You can imagine that the water was quite muddy as it churned all of the Earth’s sediments together like a blender.  Then, as the waters started to recede, the sediments separated into layers according to their density.

If there was a worldwide flood, we would expect to find these sedimentary rock layers all over the world and fossils buried within them. Today, you can see layers of sedimentary rocks everywhere such as rock outcroppings along the interstate, the Grand Canyon, and other places where rock strata are exposed.  In between the layers there is no evidence of erosion, which shows that they were laid down on top of each other in succession, not with a long span of time in between.  This link provides more information on various types of causes for sedimentary formations.

Fossils are found in these rock layers. The majority of fossils we have today were formed during Noah’s flood.  The animals were not able to escape the torrential rain, and during the 150 days of the water churning on the earth, the animals were buried among the sediments.  If a fossil formed over a gradual period, we would not find much left of the animal.  If it was buried rapidly, we would find the animal and sometimes the skin intact.  In fact, there is a fossil of a fish in the process of giving birth, a fish in the process of eating another fish, and a fish with another fish in its stomach.  This would not be the case if the fossil was formed gradually.

Another evidence is flood legends. There are about 300 flood legends around the world, and generally speaking, they tell basically the same story about a flood, a boat, animals being saved, and so forth.

More evidence for a global flood can be found here.

A graveyard of fossils


How did Noah fit all of the animals on the ark?

In short, Noah did not fit all of the animals on the ark.  There is no boat in the world big enough to hold all of the animals.  God commanded Noah to take two of each kind of land-dwelling animal on the ark.   It is estimated that there are about 8,000 kinds, but this is a liberal figure, and the number may be much lower. Noah took two of each kind of animal (male and female), so he would have a maximum of no more than 16,000 animals on board.  This is a conservative amount.  In the study of baraminology (created kinds), scientists are findings that it is possible that even fewer animals were needed on the ark. Were dinosaurs on the ark?  

Source: Answers in Genesis

Although there are some big animals in existence, like elephants and hippopotamuses, the average size of an animal, when you take all animals into consideration, is the size of a sheep.  This includes dinosaurs, which, like all other animals, start out small.  Noah’s Ark could have held 125,280 sheep-sized animals, but Noah did not need that many animals.

What happened to the dinosaurs?

There is no doubt that these magnificent creatures existed. We have the fossils to prove that they once lived, and we have the man-made cave drawings and a plethora of art work showing dinosaurs existing alongside humans. Evolution holds that dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago, give or take, while those who hold to the Biblical account of creation and a young earth believe that they died out gradually after Noah’s flood. There is even evidence that they exist today! (Who knows what is living at the bottom of the ocean or in the middle of a unexplored rain forest?) Just because they are said to be extinct doesn’t mean they are extinct. The coelacanth fish was said to die out 65+ million years ago, but instead it was found swimming in the ocean in the 1930s. And it looked the same as its fossil ancestor!

When you read in the news about a dinosaur being found that supposedly died out 65+ million years ago, what you are reading is based on the evolutionary assumption. It’s not like each fossil bone has a birth date on it! Instead, the fossil is dated according to the sedimentary rock layer it is found in. And the sedimentary rock layers are dated according to the fossils they are found in. And we can date the fossils according to the rocks… If you are reading this, your head should be spinning, because you’ve just encountered circular reasoning: “This is that, because that is this.” The assumption is that the rock layers were formed slowly over millions of years, and the animals that are buried inside these layers progress from least evolved (marine life) to the most evolved (advanced land animals and people).

In reality, a fossil has to be formed rapidly. When an animal dies, its body doesn’t last long because it erodes away and is eaten by scavengers. A fossil on the other hand is formed very rapidly. A fossil, in general, is an animal that was buried by a whole lot of sediment. Over the course of a few years, the bones of the animal are transformed into rock. Something had to happen in history to cause billions of animals to be buried and turned to stone before they were eaten by scavengers (Noah’s flood, perhaps?). The idea of a world-wide flood is laughable in the eyes of science.

Why don’t we find the word “dinosaur” in the Bible? This can be explained using the same reason we don’t find Facebook in the Bible…the word wasn’t invented yet! The KJV of the Bible was published in 1611, but the word “dinosaur” wasn’t created until 1841, 230 years later. What we do find in the Bible is the word dragon, and when you read about dragons in their context, they easily fit the characteristics of dinosaurs. There are several verses in the Old Testament that refer to dinosaurs, now that we look at it from this perspective. For example, we have fiery, flying serpents; dragons in the waters; and sea monsters. I recommend that you read Job 40 and 41. Your notes at the bottom of the page will most likely say the creatures are an elephant or alligator, but does the description really match up with those animals?

Dinosaurs may have been hunted to extinction or died from lack of food supply. There are other theories as well, but we know that the massive grave yards of dinosaur bones had to be formed rapidly, and the best explanation for this is a worldwide flood.

For more information, check out the dinosaur videos in the free downloads section of this website.