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Does the Bible mention different races of humans?


The racial hierarchy according to evolution
Source: Answers in Genesis


Scientists have classified humans in the following groups: Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid.  The Bible refers to people groups as nations, tribes, tongues, peoples, and families, but it never uses the word “race.”  There is only one raceof humans and that is the human race.  Variations in appearances do not necessitate placing people in different groups because these variations are so minor in light of how they are presented in the DNA.  The difference between any two people genetically is only 0.2%, and the physical features that define us (eyes, color, etc.) makes up only 6% of that 0.2%, equaling only 0.012% difference due to race!


The actual genetic differences are minute
Source: Answers in Genesis


How is the Theory of Evolution different from Creation?

When comparing the order of events in the Theory of Evolution and Big Bang with the order of events of Creation, you see that they are in stark contrast with one another.  This goes against the idea of Theistic Evolution and Progressive Creationism.  The following chart shows a few of the differences:

Source: Answers in Genesis


According to the Theory of Evolution/Big Bang:  According to the Genesis account of Creation: 
Sun & Stars created before Earth  Earth created before Sun & Stars 
Marine creatures before land plants Land plants before marine creatures 
Dry land before sea  Sea before dry land 
Atmosphere before sea  Sea before atmosphere 
Reptiles before birds  Birds before reptiles 
Sun before plants  Plants before sun 
Insects before flowering plants  Flowering plants before insects 
Land animals before trees  Trees before land animals