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What is the Gap Theory?

During the Age of Enlightenment, a theory made popular by a Scottish theologian named Thomas Chalmers.  The Gap Theory was formed to help make sense of the supposed millions of years of Earth’s existence while also believing in the Bible.  The Gap Theory proposes that in between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2 there are millions or billions of years of unrecorded history.  During this time, there was an event called “Lucifer’s Flood” where Satan and 1/3 of the angels fell from heaven after an act of rebellion.  During that flood, the waters caused catastrophic damage to the Earth thus resulting in the geological formations we see today. Also during this time, the dinosaurs were buried and fossilized in the sedimentary rock.

The Gap Theory forces millions of years in-between the first two verses (Source: Answers in Genesis)

This theory helps explain why the Earth looks like it is millions of years old, but there is no biblical basis for the theory.  Those who created it were adding to the Bible to accommodate for the leading old-earth paradigm at the time.  The Christians did not want to look foolish for ignoring scientific theories, so the Gap Theory and others like Theistic Evolution and Progressive Creationism were created to accommodate for the secular theories.  There are theological problems with believing in an old earth and death before sin. 

What is progressive creationism?

New animals were created as others died out.
Source: Answers in Genesis

Progressive Creationism is a theory that the universe and Earth are very old.  The theory proposes that the universe was created by the Big Bang.  During the days of the creation week, the days were not literal, 24-hour days but instead periods of millions of years each.  They believe that before Adam and Eve were created, the majority of life and Earth history had already taken place, and that death and bloodshed were already occurring.  They also deny a global flood and claim that Noah’s Flood had little geological impact.

This theory rejects foundational doctrine in Genesis and adds to the Bible.  It is another method of making the Bible fit with secular science.  For more information, visit the following link: http://www.gotquestions.org/progressive-creationism.html

What is theistic evolution?

Source: Answers in Genesis

Theistic evolution is the theory that God used evolution (Theory of Evolution) to create the world.  There are two camps of theistic evolution.  Some believe that God set everything in motion, such as creating the building blocks of life and creating the natural laws, and then He stepped aside to let nature takes its course.  Others believe that God had his hand in the step-by-step changes of organism progressions as theorized by Charles Darwin.  For example, when dinosaurs supposedly evolved into birds, God stepped in and performed a miracle to allow for the necessary anatomical changes to take place. 

This theory is an accommodation to help the Bible make sense in the light of secular science, but in reality, it is adding to the Bible, and this is forbidden.  Evolution and Creation are completely incompatibleFor more information, visit the following link: http://www.gotquestions.org/theistic-evolution.html