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How old is the Earth according to evolutionists?

Those who hold to the Big Bang Theory and uniformitarianism say that the Big Bang started between 13 and 20 billion years ago.  Earth was formed about 4.5 billion years ago.  One thing to remember when discussing evolution is that long periods of time are necessary in order for the organisms to have enough time to change from the single-celled to modern man.  Another reason some hold to the old-earth view is because they reject the worldwide, catastrophic flood that completely altered earth’s appearance.  The geologic column is used to measure the age of the Earth, but this column is only theoretical and based on uniformitarianism.

Secular history of universe, earth, and evolution of life (Source: Answers in Genesis)

What is the geologic column?

The geologic column is a theoretical illustration of how the sedimentary rock layers across the world are laid out.  However, nowhere on the Earth has this layer-by-layer illustration actually been found except in the pages of textbooks and in museums displays.  According to geologists, the bottom layer is the oldest type of rock and the layer at the top is the youngest.  Each layer is dated to be millions of years old. The dates of the layers are dated according to the fossils found in them, and the fossils are dated according to the layers they are found in.  This is circular reasoning and not a reliable method of measuring the age of the earthA global flood would better explain the layers of fossils we find today.

Theoretical layer of rocks and the fossils that are typically found in them

What caused the formation of the fossil record?

The fossil record in the theoretical geologic column shows that sea creatures are at the bottom of the sedimentary rock layers, which evolutionists claim as evidence that they have been in existence the longest because the lowest layers of sedimentary rock are supposedly the oldest.  This is also why evolutionists believe that life started in the oceans.  As the “ages” of rock in the geologic column decrease, more complex fossils are found.  What would cause this arrangement of fossils?

During Noah’s flood, you can imagine that the animals in the ocean were the first to be buried because they were at the lowest point of sea level.  As the waters grew higher and higher onto the coast land and low lands, people and animals sought shelter at higher elevations.  Animals that were slow moving were not able to make it to the higher land and were then buried by water and sediment.  Humans, faster land animals, and birds were able to make it to the high land, but eventually they too were covered in the water and sediment, and some of them turned into fossils.  The layers we see today in sedimentary rock were the result of hydrological sorting.  Check out the following video at the bottom to see an experiment of such sorting.  Go to 3:00 to see the experiment.

Another suggested article is here where it explains the layering of fossils, and it also includes a link to many out of place fossils along with references.

Placement of the fossils as a result of Noah’s Flood (Source: evolutionfacts.com)
Source: www.creationtoday.com
Source: www.creationtoday.com