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How did people come to America from the Middle East?

After the flood and during the Ice Age, land bridges appeared that connected the Middle East with all parts of the world.  The waters in the ocean may have been fully frozen, allowing people to cross over during the ice age Between Alaska and Russia is the Bering Strait, and most likely all people who live on the North and South American continents crossed over in that area.  Another plausible theory is that people built boats and sailed to America (remember that Noah built a huge ark, so that knowledge could have been passed on to his relatives). 

Connection between Europe and North America
Connection between Asia and Austrailia
Connection between North American and South America

Why are all of the genealogies listed in the Bible?

The genealogies in Genesis Chapters 5, 10, and 11 may be boring to read, but they are very important in understanding population growth and Jesus’ family tree.  In the Gospels of Matthew and Luke you will see that Jesus was a direct descendant of Adam.   You can also use the genealogies to calculate the age of the Earth according to the Bible.  To begin, we know that there were 6 literal days during the Creation Week.  When Adam was 130 years old, he fathered his son Seth.  That was after 130 years of earth history.  When Seth was 105 years old, he fathered his son Enos.  Add 130 to 105 and you get a total of 235 years of earth history.  When Enos was 90 years old, he fathered his son Cainan.  Add 235 to 90 and you get 325 years of earth history.  Continue on in this formula and that is how the young earth age is calculated.  For a continuation of this topic see the article “How old is the Earth according to the Bible?”

Bible history timeline (Source: Answers in Genesis)
Bible history timeline (Source: Answers in Genesis)
Bible history timeline (Source: Answers in Genesis)

How old is the Earth according to the Bible?

The age of the Earth is important to know, and we can calculate the age by using the Bible.  Generally speaking, from Adam to Abraham, there was a time span of about 2,000 years.  From Abraham to Jesus, there was another 2,000 years.  Finally, from Jesus’ birth to the present, we have another 2,000 years.  Adding all of these times together equals to 6,000 years of Earth history (granted, this is not the exact age).

We know that there were 7 literal days during the week of Creation.  If we count the genealogies  in Genesis Chapters 5 and 11 along with other historical events from the Old Testament, we can calculate the age of the Earth to be between 6,000 and 10,000 years old.  There are some discrepancies with ages based on different manuscripts, thus there is a 4,000 year range between the estimated age of the earth, but none of these discrepancies would ever allow for the age to be hundreds of thousands or millions of years old.    Please see the following article for more information: “What are the problems with believing in millions of years?”

How old is the Earth according to evolutionists?

Those who hold to the Big Bang Theory and uniformitarianism say that the Big Bang started between 13 and 20 billion years ago.  Earth was formed about 4.5 billion years ago.  One thing to remember when discussing evolution is that long periods of time are necessary in order for the organisms to have enough time to change from the single-celled to modern man.  Another reason some hold to the old-earth view is because they reject the worldwide, catastrophic flood that completely altered earth’s appearance.  The geologic column is used to measure the age of the Earth, but this column is only theoretical and based on uniformitarianism.

Secular history of universe, earth, and evolution of life (Source: Answers in Genesis)