• Many articles and links about God, the Bible, Science, Creation, Archaeology, Prophecy, etc.

  •  Large and often updated database of resources for the creation/evolution debate.  You can find practically anything on this site regarding the debate.

  • Big website covering defenses for the Christian faith in many areas.

Tas Walker’s Biblical Geology

The Biblical Timeline

  •  A website showing the history of the earth in timeline format from Creation to the Consummation.

  • Christian Apologetics Research Ministry: In-depth apologetics and theology articles.  Also includes database of alleged Bible contradictions.

  • Creation Ministries International: Database of creation arguments and resources.

  • This website has an online forum for Creationists to ask questions to Creation experts.  It also has a page devoted to free resources.

  • Database of arguments for Creation, links to other creation websites, and online books and audio.

  •  An overview of many creation topics, organized alphabetically, and it has links to other creation websites.


Creation Wiki


  • Website that investigates that Intelligent Design movement and dissent from Darwinism

  • Website for Creation Science Evangelism.  Contains many articles and online store for resources.


  •  Online encyclopedia offering many scientific proofs against evolution in laymen’s terms.

Evolution Fairy Tale

  • Discusses dinosaurs in the Bible, in history, and in archaeology.  Also includes dinosaur movies.

  • Website about dinosaurs in modern times.  Includes articles and pictures.

  •  Website explaining the Catastrophic Plates Tectonics model made popular by Dr. John Baumgardner (Ph.D. in geophysics and space physics).

  • Institute for Creation Research. Scientific studies related to creation.

Logical Fallacies

  • Home page for the Northwest Creation Network.  Includes many articles and topics.  Click on the “Subjects” link at the bottom.

Real Science Radio

  • A radio show that exposes the flaws in Darwinian evolution, Big Bang Cosmogony, and those who hold to the humanistic religion.

The Skeptic’s Annotated Bible-Corrected and Explained

  • An exhaustive rebuttal to the skeptical remarks made about the Bible as found in the “Skeptics Annotated Bible.”



  •  An easy to read, yet in-depth, overview of the historical person of Jesus Christ, along with other apologetic articles.
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