Do Peppered Moths prove evolution?

Peppered moths are used as evidence for evolution, but this is not evolution at all, even though it is still used as evidence in textbooks. There are two types of the peppered moth—a lighter color and darker color.  Students are taught that during the industrial revolution in England, soot and grime from the factories landed on the trees causing the bark to darken.  The dark moth was more camouflaged on the trees but the lighter moth wasn’t, making it visible to the birds.  It was believed by evolutionists that the light moth evolved into a dark moth so that it would be camouflage and not get eaten by the birds. 

The light and dark colored peppered moth (Source: Answers in Genesis)

The truth is that the dark and light moth both existed beforehand and still exists today.  Neither moth adapted to the environment.  The gene for color was in both species at one time in the past, but due to genetics and isolation, over time only the light moths produced more light moths, and the dark moths only produced more dark moths.   When the dark moth blended in with the dark trees, the light moth was easily seen and eaten by the birds, so the dark moth was able to reproduce and thrive.  This is an example of survival of the fittest.