How many copies of the New Testament are in existence today?

Compared to other ancient writings, there are many, many more copies of the New Testament than the others, thus giving us more reason to rely on the Bible’s accuracy.  Consider the following: There are 643 copies in existence of Homer’s Illiad, and there were 500 years in between the original writing and the first copy.  There are 49 copies of Plato’s Tetralogies, and 1300 hundred years in-between the original writings and the first copy.  Of Aristotle’s works, there are only 7 copies, and 1400 years in-between the first writing and the first copy.

Now consider the New Testament.  There are 5, 686 copies in the Greek language (remember that the NT was originally written in Greek), and there are 19,284 copies of the NT written in other languages.  There is a maximum of only 50 years in-between the original writings and the first copy!

Due to the larger amount of Scripture copies in existence, it would be more reasonable to question the philosophers than the Bible, but instead we see the opposite.

Comparison of ancient texts with New Testament texts