What is the difference between Natural Selection and Mutations?

Charles Darwin first claimed that the engine for evolution was natural selection.  Natural selection is the concept that living things with preferred characteristics survive in their environment, while those with less favorable characteristics die.  Natural selection does not support the molecules-to-man idea in evolution but does explain why we see geographic populations with specific traits.  This poses a problem in Evolution because natural selection is non-directional.  Should the environment change, then the more favorable species that had been “selected” would die out. 

Darwinists eventually became aware that natural selection never produced new kinds of animals outside of the observed variations within the kind, so they proposed that mutations were the engine of change.  Mutations are changes within the DNA of a living thing.  Changes include losing and rearranging the information in the DNA, but never include adding new information.  See the article about the fruit fly experiments for more information about mutations.  New information would be required for Evolution Theory to be feasible.  For an example of mutations, see the article about disease-resistant bacteria and the following link about natural selection.  More often than not, mutations have resulted in harm to the organism, and when the mutant was paired with a non-mutated organism, the mutant was not able to survive.

With every generation, 100 to 200 new mutations are found in human DNA.  In other words, you had upwards of 200 new mutations in your DNA when you were conceived, and your children will have upwards of 200 more new mutations when they are conceived.  Then, your grandchildren will have upwards of 200 more new mutations, and so on.  At this rate, humans will continue to decline at the genetic level until sickness, disease, disorders, and dysfunction is so rampant, it will be difficult for life to exist.  You can read this secular article to learn more.

We already see the results of mutations in children born with life-threatening diseases.  It is a sad reality, but such suffering is all a result of the curse.  Sometimes the very suffering we complain about is a result of our own unhealthy decisions.  One way to help reduce the number of mutations is by taking care of our health through proper diet and exercise.  Ultimately, though, we will all face death.  Those who have repented of their sins and put their trust in Jesus Christ will receive new bodies that will forever be free of suffering.  Those who have rejected the free gift of salvation will forever perish.

Are you good enough to go to heaven?