Where did the flood waters go?

Right now, if all of the mountains were leveled, there would be enough water on the earth to cover it to the depth of almost 2 miles.  The flood brought enough water to cover the entire Earth and even go over the highest mountains.  When the flood waters began to recede, the water had to go somewhere, so where did it go?  The answer lies in Psalm 104:8-9.  We are told that the mountains rose up and the valleys sank down.  When the mountains rose, the water ran down towards the path of least resistance, carving grooves into the mountainside.  The water went into rivers and eventually to the oceans.  In the oceans are what’s called continental shelves.  These are places where the ocean floor has sunk farther down (“valleys sank down”).  This increased depth allowed more room for the waters to leave the land.  These valleys in the ocean can be seen on Google Earth.


This is one example of the continental shelves that show where the oceans sank farther down. A search on Google Earth will reveal these shelves all over the globe.