Was the flood global or local?

Source: Answers in Genesis

God told Noah to build an ark to house two of each kind of animal (land and flying) because he was going to flood the whole world.  If the flood was local then: 

  •       Why did Noah have to build such a huge ark?  Surely not all of the representative kinds would be living in his region and need to be saved on the ark.
  •       Why did Noah need birds?  Couldn’t they just fly to a safer place when the waters began to rise?
  •       Why did all of the land animals need to be saved?  Couldn’t they just migrate to a higher altitude?
  •       Why didn’t everyone just get out of the area where it was going to flood? This would have been cheaper and quicker than building a massive ark.
  •       How could God “destroy all flesh” with just a local flood?  People were most likely living in other regions at the time, and if the flood did not affect them, then they would survive.
  •       Why did God say he would never flood the Earth again?  We’ve seen local floods for centuries, but have never seen a second global flood.
  •       Why do we see evidence for the flood all over the earth?

Logically, the flood would have to have been global, just like God tells us in his Word.

Local floods happen all the time, but we’ve never had a second global flood (Source: Answers in Genesis)