Here is what others are saying about Returning to Genesis:

“I attended the class you had, and enjoyed all the presentations very much. It is amazing to me how one theory could have that much influence over cultural thinking. Thanks for doing what you do and I pray you all can continue to get the word out.”–M. E.,  Faith Center of Paducah 

“At Community Fellowship Baptist Church you SUPERBLY presented us with facts that are very
helpful in “connecting the dots” from Creation until now, explaining the fallacy of Darwin’s Theory, etc.”–G. B., Community Fellowship Baptist Church

“It was very interesting and you made it  easy to understand the scientific stuff. 🙂 Very eye-opening to see how theories transformed cultural thinking. For me the best week was about the ONLY race (human). Hope you can come back to RCC for a follow up some time.”–T. W., Reidland Christian Church 

“I learned a lot, you did a very good job of everything.  My trust in the Bible has increased.”– B. O., Reidland Christian Church

“We were blessed by you coming to share with us today. Thank you for being willing to be used by God in this way to help expound the truths of scripture. We appreciate your zeal in tackling such an important and foundational topic as Creation. May God bless you for your willingness to serve Him in obedience.”–R.L., Household of Faith

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