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Returning to Genesis Brochure   This is a brochure which gives an overview of what Returning to Genesis is all about.  If you are interested in having a presentation done at your church or small group, this brochure is a great way to let your pastor/leaders know what this ministry does.

15 questions for evolutionists  This brochure was created by Creation Ministries International.  It lists 15 questions that challenge evolutionists.  Great witnessing tool!

Does God Exist?

Take the test!  Click on the “Proof” page.

Free Online Videos

  • Click here to watch a classic video about dinosaurs existing with man.
  • You can also watch a newer series of videos about dinosaurs existing with man here.
  • Visit the Northwest Creation Network which has a large selection of free Creation-based videos on a variety of topics.
  • Visit Creation Ministries International to find several types of Creation-based videos.

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