Does God Hate Women?

The term “misogyny” is thrown around by skeptics who claim God treats women worse than men. Let’s look at the Bible to see why that’s not true.

First, women were not commanded to work. Adam was the first creation, and from Adam, Eve was made. Adam was commanded to take care of the garden thus providing for himself, Eve, and their children. Eve’s job was to be a mother. We see in Scripture where men are the workers while women provide for the home, such as caring for the family and keeping the home orderly (Proverbs 31:10-31). So while men even today are commanded to work and provide (1 Timothy 5:8) women do not have that obligation, although women are more than welcomed in the workforce. Men are instructed by God to be the head of the household and to have authority. Men are given greater responsibility. Unfortunately many men have fallen to the wayside in this area, and our culture is seeing more women taking the roles of leadership that were originally designed for men. Men are to honor their wives and put them first (after God, of course).

Second, laws were made to establish protection and provision for women. See the article “Does the Bible condone rape?

Third, God tells us women are to be honored and respected. She is called the “weaker vessel” (1 Peter 3:7). This term is not an attack on the character of women, but rather, in some ways, women are much weaker than men. It goes without saying that men are typically physically stronger than women, but women can be subject to crimes against them that wouldn’t normally affect men (rape, mugging, etc.). It was Eve, not Adam, who was deceived by Satan, so this is another factor to consider. Being called “weaker” doesn’t mean women are less valuable.

Men, understanding that women have weaknesses, are to be more understanding, patient, and tender with them. None of this is to say that men are all-superior. Men fail often, and men have many weaknesses. Women have many strengths that men lack. They are more capable of being nurturing, caring, having organizational skills, and having a servant’s heart. Most importantly, God designed women especially for the honorable ability to give birth to children.

What about women pastors? 1 Timothy 2:11-15 specifically states women are not to be pastors. The reason has nothing to do with gender, culture, or misogyny. This is instead a spiritual issue. A pastor executes authority over his church. Authority, as we see above, is a role given to men because of federal headship. That is, Adam was the first created, and then Eve. Man is the head of the family, and in this case, the church. Man, therefore, has the responsibility to properly exegete the Scriptures.

This is not to say that women cannot serve in different ministries. Women are very useful in the church. They can pray, prophesy, minister (serve) others, and proclaim the gospel. The only issue pertains to them having spiritual authority over men. Statistically, in churches where women are pastors, there is a decline in following doctrine and an increase in liberalism, both of which leads people away from the faith. That is not to say male pastors don’t lead people astray, because some have done this. Much more on this topic can be found at this website.

As we see throughout scripture, God commands the man to be the leader and provider for women. Man is to love, honor, and cherish the woman. Women have many strengths that fill in the gaps of man’s weaknesses. This is the beauty of marriage. Have you ever noticed how “opposites attract?” Husbands and wives bring their opposing strengths to the relationship, and when putting their strengths together and accommodating for the weaknesses, they form a strong and effective team.