Were dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark?

The dinosaurs on board the ark were juveniles (Source: Answers in Genesis)

God commanded Noah to take two of each kind of animal on the ark.  All land-animals were made on the sixth day of the Creation week, so logically dinosaurs were also made on that day (the flying and marine dinosaurs were made on the fifth day) and they were included on the ark.  But were they too big to fit?  Noah’s Ark was incredibly large, but the animals he had on board were most likely juveniles. The reason God wanted animals on the ark was because after the flood, God wanted them to  reproduce and spread across the earth.  Dinosaurs are reptiles, and as it is with other reptiles, they get bigger as they age.  The giant dinosaurs we see in museums are actually old dinosaurs.  For God’s purpose of refilling the Earth after the flood, he would have needed small, fertile, juvenile dinosaurs on the ark, not the older (and bigger) ones that were past their reproductive age.