Are dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible?

There are several instances where the Scripture makes references to animals that fit the description of dinosaurs as we know them. Mind you, there are some references to “dragons” where the text clearly is talking about Satan.  Other references, though, are not figurative or metaphorical.  See for yourself: Gen. 1:21 “sea monsters”; Psalm 74:13 “dragons in the water”; Isaiah 30:6 “fiery flying serpent”; Job 40 “Behemoth” and Job 41 “Leviathan.”  In many Bible translations,at the bottom of the page there is a small note stating that the behemoth was an elephant, and the Leviathan was a crocodile.  Does the elephant have a tail that “sways like a cedar?” (Job 40:17).  Does the crocodile shoot fire from its nostrils and emit smoke? (Job 41:18-21).


The hippo and elephant both have small, rope-like tails, not “cedar” size tails. The commentaries in the Bible are not always accurate! (Source: Answers in Genesis)


These commentaries are not inspired like the Scripture is—they are the opinions of man.  Some may say that Job was being metaphorical, but remember that in these chapters and a few preceding it, Job was not the one talking—it was God.  Just prior to the mention of these two dinosaurs, there were a few chapter mentioning animals we have today such as lions, ravens, wild goats, donkeys, peacocks, and horses.  Why would God talk to Job about real animals and suddenly change over to metaphors?  The context strongly implies that the behemoth and leviathan were dinosaurs.