The Tower of Babel

In Genesis Chapter 11 we read about the Tower of Babel.  This historical account may not seem like much after a quick reading of it, but it actually is very significant.  After the Flood, Noah’s three sons and their wives had children, grand children, and great-grand children, etc until there were about 70 generations of people in existence on earth.  At this time everyone lived in the same area and spoke the same language. God had commanded that everyone spread across the earth, but just like Adam, who rebelled against God, the people centuries after the flood still had rebellion in their hearts.  God confused their languages and caused them to scatter.  After they scattered, different populations groups of both people and animals began to form due to gene pool isolation.   With a basic understanding of genetics, we will show how variations happen within a kind of animal, but one animal does not evolve into a different kind.

The following questions will be answered in this presentation:

  • How many generations were in existence at the time of the Tower of Babel?
  • Why did God cause the people to scatter?
  • Where was the Tower located?
  • What did the Tower look like?
  • How many languages are there today?
  • How did people come to America from the Middle East (the Cradle of Civilization)?
  • What is racism and prejudice and how has evolution promoted these ideas?
  • Who was Cain’s wife?
  • Where did all of the different people groups come from?
  • Why do we find certain people and animals in colder climates instead of warmer climates, and vice versa?
  • What “color” of skin did Adam and Eve have?
  • Is there such a thing as inter-racial marriage?
  • What is Federal Headship?
  • Why is Jesus called the “Last Adam”?
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