The Six Days of Creation

Genesis is our foundation for the entire Bible.  All doctrines that are held by Christians are directly or indirectly derived from the book of Genesis.  Today Genesis is being attacked.  Some call it a myth, others call it a story borrowed from the Babylonians.  The creation account in Genesis, not to mention the fall of man, Noah’s Ark, and the Tower of Babel, were very real historical events.  Even Jesus referred to Genesis when he was teaching others in the Gospels.  This presentation focuses on the creation account found in Genesis Chapters 1 and 2.  We discuss what was created on each day of the creation week and discuss how the creation days were literal, 24-hour periods. 

The following questions will be answered in this presentation:

  • What was created on each of day of the creation week?
  • What was the Hebrew word used to mean “day.”
  • What does the word “day” mean in Genesis?
  • What is the Gap Theory?
  • What are some other creation theories?
  • What were the events that led up to Adam’s sin?
  • Why do we suffer?
  • How old is the earth according to evolutionists?
  • How old is the earth according to the Bible?
  • Why are all of the genealogies listed in the Bible?
  • What are some evidences for a young earth?
  • How were people able to live for hundreds of years before the Flood?
  • What is the difference between the created world and Heaven?
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