Dinosaurs and our Ancient Ancestors

Dinosaurs were fascinating animals.  Different theories abound as to how they came into existence and why they disappeared.  Evolutionary scientists claim that dinosaurs died out about 65 million years ago.  If that is true, but the Bible indicates that we have a young earth, then there is a contradiction.  In this presentation, we will discuss dinosaurs and show Biblical and archaeological evidence that they did live with man and many of them died out during Noah’s Flood.  We will show evidence that the dinosaurs were able to fit on Noah’s Ark and continue to exist with mankind until they finally became extinct.  Another topic we will discuss is that of ancient technology.  Evolutionary scientists have us believing that our ancestors were savage cavemen.  On the contrary, the evidence shows that ancient people were highly advanced and were able to build outstanding structures like the Pyramids and Stonehenge without the tools we have today.  This presentation ends with  a brief explanation of radiometric dating, which is an often flawed process.

The following questions will be answered in this presentation:

  • How are fossils formed?
  • What is a living fossil?
  • How many kinds of dinosaurs were there?
  • Why is the word “dinosaur” not found in the Bible?
  • Is there evidence of dinosaurs in the Bible?
  • What are some evidences that dinosaurs lived with man?
  • Why did dinosaurs go extinct?
  • What are some examples of ancient technology?
  • What is radiometric dating?
  • What are the assumptions used with the dating process?
  • How can dinosaurs be used to spread the Gospel message?
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