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What happened to the dinosaurs?

There is no doubt that these magnificent creatures existed. We have the fossils to prove that they once lived, and we have the man-made cave drawings and a plethora of art work showing dinosaurs existing alongside humans. Evolution holds that dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago, give or take, while those who hold to the Biblical account of creation and a young earth believe that they died out gradually after Noah’s flood. There is even evidence that they exist today! (Who knows what is living at the bottom of the ocean or in the middle of a unexplored rain forest?) Just because they are said to be extinct doesn’t mean they are extinct. The coelacanth fish was said to die out 65+ million years ago, but instead it was … Read entire article »

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A response to the thinking atheist.

RTG is sharing this recent blog from Eric Hovind of Creation Science Evangelism.  It has some interesting points.  The full article along with an accompanying video can be found at this link. The “Thinking” Atheist Eric Hovind January 3rd, 2012 I was asked to listen to a YouTube video of podcast #12 from TheThinkingAtheist channel, where the show is devoted to asking atheists this question, “Are atheists wasting their time debating the existence of God?” I couldn’t help but respond to that question. In short the answer is, YES. Think about it: For an atheist to be consistent with the very idea of atheism means that debating is absurd. The whole concept of debate assumes someone is right and someone else is wrong; so right away you are assuming a standard by which this … Read entire article »

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Christianity versus Religion

In business, the competitors study each other in order to find out how they can improve and win the customer. In football, players use a big book of defensive and offensive plays in hopes of winning the game, and each team would love to know what the other team’s plays are in order to effectively defeat them. Part of my work in this ministry is studying the other religions and the skeptics. I’ve got to know what the enemy or “competitor” is up to.   I have visited pages like and have read other atheist blogs. I’ve listened to the podcasts about atheism and evolution. I want to know what makes people question and leave the faith. What I have found is quite alarming. The word “religion” probably gives you the … Read entire article »

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Jesus revealed through Prophecy

This is an article from and I think it is worth posting on here.  This article shows some of the many prophecies that were fulfilled by Jesus.  Everything you read below is taken from the Old Testament.  It’s awesome that we can learn about Jesus’ life story before he became God in the flesh!  Enjoy! The Messiah preexists time (Gen. 1:1). He is the eternal Redeemer that will come to earth to reconcile mankind with God (Job 19:25-26). Although Satan will try to attack Him, the Messiah will have ultimate victory (Gen. 3:15). One day He will rule over everything and all nations will bow down to Him (Is 45:23, Ps 22).  The Messiah will descend from Shem (Gen 9 – 10), Abraham (Gen 22:18), Isaac (Gen 26:4), Jacob (Gen 28:14), … Read entire article »

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Atheist Evangelicals

Let me start by saying that I don’t believe in elves, fairies, unicorns or Santa Claus (St. Nickolas was a real historical figure, but the fairy tale person that comes once a year on a sled is not real).  That is all—I don’t believe it, so I have no reason to continue discussing them.  I do not focus on what I don’t believe in. I instead spend my time focusing and further understanding what I do believe in.  Don’t we all do that?  Before I go any further on this topic, let me define some terms.  As said in an earlier post, atheism is defined by the absence of a belief in God.  Some atheists will say that there is no God, as though they have searched all of creation to … Read entire article »

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A Simple Truth

Regarding the Creation/Evolution debate: The argument is not about the evidence, it is about the interpretation of the evidence. When this concept can be understood by both parties, a simple truth is revealed: The argument is about the origin of the evidences. Are the evidences the product of natural selection and random mutation without any intelligent force behind it, or was the evidence a product of an Intelligent Creator? The arguments for evidences will be fruitless and time consuming because both evolutionists and creationists have an answer to explain the evidences. Instead, arguments for God or non-god get to the heart of the matter. The Theory of Evolution and Atheism are too separate concepts, but often times an atheist is also a believer in the evolutionary theory, which states … Read entire article »

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What is Mercy and Grace?

You hear it talked about in Christian circles…”God’s mercy and grace…”  It sounds good and churchy.  But what does it really mean? Let’s get to the true meaning of these important terms.  Suppose you are a shopaholic.  You have five credit cards and they are all maxed out to a total of $100,000.  You will never be able to pay that debt—ever.  Now imagine some stranger comes to you and recognizes your debt, and he gives you $100,000 to pay for that debt.  This is mercy—a pardon/forgiveness.  Now imagine that not only does this person pay off your debt, he gives you $1,000,000 for no reason.  This is grace—something we don’t deserve.  In theology, we all have a debt to pay that we can never pay off.  That debt is sin.  When … Read entire article »

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How Long were the Days of Genesis?

This question can be answered by going back to the original language that Genesis was written in: Hebrew. The Hebrew word for “day” in Genesis Chapter 1 is “yom” (Strong’s #3117). We know that in English, day can have multiple meanings even in the same sentence. For example “Back in my father’s day, it took 12 days to cross the country in a day.” Each “day” means a different time frame that we can understand from the context. So let’s apply that to Genesis using the Strong’s concordance. When “yom” is used in Genesis to describe each day, it is used along with the phrase “evening and morning” along with an ordinal number (1, 2, 3, etc.).  Adding these three qualifiers to the word “yom” insists that it means a … Read entire article »

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