How can we defend the Bible from secular attacks?

Skeptics enjoy attacking the Bible.  In fact, one skeptic has gone through the entire Bible and annotated his remarks about how the text is incorrect or he simply disagrees with it.  However, a Christian apologist has created an extensive rebuttal to each of these claims.  Follow the links to the Skeptics Annotated Bible and the Skeptics Annotated Bible: Corrected and Explained (Refutation).  Oftentimes, skeptics attack the Bible based on misunderstanding the text, not reading the passage in context, or they simply disagree with what is written.  The media, such as the Discovery Channel and History Channel, do nothing to help promote the infallibility of the Bible.  So called “scholars” are interviewed, but it is obvious that they are misinformed, under-educated, or purposely deceptive on Biblical topics.  Through the use of propaganda and poor historical research, the masses have been deceived into doubting the Bible and its credibility.

We as Christians should welcome questions that are asked about the Bible and use that opportunity to witness to others and defend our faith.  But we have to be equipped in order to do so.  There are many resources available to help answer the skeptic.  RTG suggests the book: The Big Book of Bible Difficulties  and a helpful apologetics website: