What types of people were used to write the Bible?

The Bible was written by ordinary men called by God.  God spoke through them, and each person wrote according to the culture and style at the time, along with their own personal styles of writing.  Some writings are basic and to the point while others are more difficult to understand.  Below are some of the professions of the Bible’s authors:

  •          Physician (Luke)
  •          Herdsmen (Amos)
  •          Poet (David)
  •          Political Leader (Moses)
  •          Rabbi (Paul)
  •          Tax Collector (Matthew)
  •          Musician (Daniel)
  •          Kings (David & Solomon)
  •          Military leaders (Joshua)
  •          Cupbearer (Nehemiah)
  •          Prime minister (Daniel)
  •          Philosopher (Solomon)
  •          Fishermen (Peter)
  •          Prisoners (John)


For more information about the specific authors and when each of the books were written, please see the following link: http://www.gotquestions.org/Bible-authors.html