About the Presenter

Steven Wright is a Western Kentucky native. He has a Master’s Degree in Social Work. Steven is married to his wife, Amy, who has been supportive of this ministry, and they have two children. Steven’s hobbies include studying theology and apologetics, fishing, hiking, painting, video editing, and music composition. He is a former volunteer fireman (but had to step down for family obligations), a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, and is also an Eagle Scout.

Steven grew up in church and became a Christian in 1996.Skeptical by nature, he has always had an interest in understanding the “why” of the Christian faith. His questions never led to the doubting of his faith, but he wanted to have a rational answer for why he held his Christian beliefs. His questioning would later result in this ministry.

In 2010, Steven asked God to give him a purpose in life. He wanted to be used by God, but didn’t know what to do. After months of praying, the answer arrived on June 17, 2010. God laid the burden on his heart to help people understand the Creation account in Genesis, and to also show how the theory of evolution and disregard for the historical creation account has had a detrimental impact on God’s body of believers.

Steven had been interested in the topic of Creation in the past and studied it on occasion, but starting on the day of his calling, he began intensive research in the topic. Due to the nature of science and new findings, the research and learning continues still today. The ever-growing amount of evidence points directly to the fact that we were created by an amazing, all powerful, holy God who loves us.

It’s worth mentioning that during the preparation for this ministry, Steven consulted with representatives from different creation ministries to get advice and instruction. Those ministries include Brian Young from Creation Instruction Association; Paul Taylor from Creation Science Evangelism; and Steve Ham from Answers in Genesis.

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