What happened to the dinosaurs?

There is no doubt that these magnificent creatures existed. We have the fossils to prove that they once lived, and we have the man-made cave drawings and a plethora of art work showing dinosaurs existing alongside humans. Evolution holds that dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago, give or take, while those who hold to the Biblical account of creation and a young earth believe that they died out gradually after Noah’s flood. There is even evidence that they exist today! (Who knows what is living at the bottom of the ocean or in the middle of a unexplored rain forest?) Just because they are said to be extinct doesn’t mean they are extinct. The coelacanth fish was said to die out 65+ million years ago, but instead it was found swimming in the ocean in the 1930s. And it looked the same as its fossil ancestor!

When you read in the news about a dinosaur being found that supposedly died out 65+ million years ago, what you are reading is based on the evolutionary assumption. It’s not like each fossil bone has a birth date on it! Instead, the fossil is dated according to the sedimentary rock layer it is found in. And the sedimentary rock layers are dated according to the fossils they are found in. And we can date the fossils according to the rocks… If you are reading this, your head should be spinning, because you’ve just encountered circular reasoning: “This is that, because that is this.” The assumption is that the rock layers were formed slowly over millions of years, and the animals that are buried inside these layers progress from least evolved (marine life) to the most evolved (advanced land animals and people).

In reality, a fossil has to be formed rapidly. When an animal dies, its body doesn’t last long because it erodes away and is eaten by scavengers. A fossil on the other hand is formed very rapidly. A fossil, in general, is an animal that was buried by a whole lot of sediment. Over the course of a few years, the bones of the animal are transformed into rock. Something had to happen in history to cause billions of animals to be buried and turned to stone before they were eaten by scavengers (Noah’s flood, perhaps?). The idea of a world-wide flood is laughable in the eyes of science.

Why don’t we find the word “dinosaur” in the Bible? This can be explained using the same reason we don’t find Facebook in the Bible…the word wasn’t invented yet! The KJV of the Bible was published in 1611, but the word “dinosaur” wasn’t created until 1841, 230 years later. What we do find in the Bible is the word dragon, and when you read about dragons in their context, they easily fit the characteristics of dinosaurs. There are several verses in the Old Testament that refer to dinosaurs, now that we look at it from this perspective. For example, we have fiery, flying serpents; dragons in the waters; and sea monsters. I recommend that you read Job 40 and 41. Your notes at the bottom of the page will most likely say the creatures are an elephant or alligator, but does the description really match up with those animals?

Dinosaurs may have been hunted to extinction or died from lack of food supply. There are other theories as well, but we know that the massive grave yards of dinosaur bones had to be formed rapidly, and the best explanation for this is a worldwide flood.

For more information, check out the dinosaur videos in the free downloads section of this website.