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RTG is your source for the evidence you seek in supporting the Genesis Creation, Noah’s Ark, The Reliability of the Bible, and many other “hot topics” in the Christian Faith.  

Taking up Space is Steven’s second book published on Amazon on 11/09/18.  Click on the image above to learn more.  See the trailer below:

The Deception is Steven’s first book.  It is available through Kindle and paperback.  Click on the below picture to read more about it!  Do you want to purchase an autographed copy?  Watch the trailer below!

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We do different presentations on a variety of topics related to Creation and Apologetics.  Visit the presentationspage to see the topics we cover.  Click on the Feedback link to see what people who have attended our Past Events are saying about this ministry.  You may also view the list of references used when creating the presentations.

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The long awaited Frequently Asked Creation Questions are now posted.  This is a growing list of common questions asked on the topics of Jesus, Worldviews, Evolution, Noah’s Ark, the Bible, the Age of the Earth, Genesis, Dinosaurs, and the Tower of Babel.

If you would like to have RTG do a presentation at your church/small group or if you have questions, feel free to contact us here by clicking on the envelope to the right of the screen.  Another way to contact us is through Facebook. If you want to come to a presentation, check the calendar at the bottom to find out when the next event will be.  Click on the image below to download our free informational brochure!

You can find more information about Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design from the links page.  In the Free Dowloads section you will find an advertisement brochure for this ministry along with free online Bibles, Bible software, and videos.

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